The Fairport CSD is not planning on reducing or altering facilities and will utilize its building management system to ensure the required ventilation rates are met during this time. The Fairport CSD will further utilize its building management system to adjust the “occupied “ schedule to ensure that the recommended ventilation air exchanges are met prior to daily re-entry during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The District will provided Alcohol-based Hand-Rub sanitizer in classrooms, offices, hallways, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and auditoriums and/or install dispensers in accordance with FCNYS 2020 Section 5705.5.

A custodial staff member will be tasked with disinfecting toilet, sink and drinking fountain fixtures during this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic throughout the day. Otherwise, BCNYS standards will be met.

Tempered safety glass will be utilized in identified areas which may include main offices, nurses offices, libraries, counseling offices, cafeteria serving lines. The use of tempered safety glass complies with the 2020 BCNYS Section 2606.

Cleaning Plans By Building