health & safety

The FCSD return to full-time plan takes the ability to maintain appropriate social distancing and face coverings into account for all in-person activities. This includes providing the appropriate PPE and face coverings to all students and staff.

The FCSD is asking that all parents screen their children daily and prior to sending them to school. Taking their temperature and assessing for other signs of illness in the past 48 hours and/or possible exposure in the past 14 days to a person who is suspected of having COVID-19. These symptoms include but are not limited to: Fever over 100.0 degrees F, Sore Throat, Cough, Headache, Shortness of breath, Muscle aches, Loss of taste or smell.

Parents will then login into their ParentSquare Account to answer the screening questions for their children. A report of all students within a school building will be available daily for administrators to monitor. A similar system is already in place for FCSD staff when they login into the school computer.

The FCSD has a minimum of one Registered Nurse in each school building with some LPN support as needed. Any staff member or student who presents with signs of illness will be instructed to report to the School Nurse for assessment. The School Nurse will then make a recommendation where needed to the employee or parent of the student to be sent home/picked up by parent/guardian and directed to follow up with the Primary Care Physician. A school official will connect the child with the parent in the case of a child being sent home.

The Fairport Central School District has developed a written protocol that limits visitors, guests, contractors, and vendors to the school which includes health screening. Visitors are seen by appointment only. All visitors must complete a health screening.

FCSD will regularly consult our local DOH and has displayed appropriate signage to instruct staff and students in correct hand and respiratory hygiene.