K-12 students were given direct instruction in hand and respiratory hygiene during their initial physical education classes in the fall.

Students will be instructed on the importance and definition of social distancing, proper use and importance of PPE and the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and will be alerted to the social distancing signage throughout the building. Masking and/or face covering, per Board of Education Policy, will occur at all times. Training will occur through PBIS activities and lessons as well as classroom procedures. Social distancing will also be reinforced in the classroom and frequent reminders will occur on the school bus and in the classroom. Masks should be worn at all times by all people on school facilities according to CDC guideline and the District's Masks and Face Coverings Policy #7515.

Teachers have been previously instructed and will be reminded on how to monitor for signs of illness or any symptoms identified as being connected with COVID-19 that may be present in a student. Teachers will then call the Health Office to check to see if the student presenting symptoms has been evaluated and cleared by the School Nurse. The School Nurse will then determine if the student should be sent to the Health Office or designated area to be assessed and to implement Monroe County Department of Health and CDC protocol.

The FCSD is asking that all parents screen their children daily and prior to sending them to school. Taking their temperature and assessing for other signs of illness will be part of this screening. Parents will then login into the ParentSquare App to answer the screening questions for their children. A report of all students within a school building will be available daily for administrators to monitor. A similar system is already in place for FCSD staff when they login into the school computer.